5 Years, 8 Months - Photo Index

Tatiana and Robert at the Croton Dam Robert at the playground On top of the Croton Dam Tatiana helps Robert climb Jonathan, Tatiana & Robert Tatiana's first sledding expedition
Tatiana & Jonathan sled down the hill Two snow persons and Jonathan Tatiana, the boys and the snow people Shanji grabs the ball when Jonathan isn't looking Easter morning Easter Sunday at Aunt Debra's and Uncle Kevin's 
Fife and drum at Colonial Williamsburg Jonathan and Robert wait while we check in Jonathan and Robert wait as we check in Keeping busy at the visitor's center while Dad gets the tickets Brothers Peeking through the fence (at the ox)
Recruited for guard duty This is what happens to bad parents Tatiana tries it too Time out in the olden days At least they don't take away your cookie The pool is clod
Robert and dad Wading in a small creek - Williamsburg Jonathan picks some flowers Flowers for Mom Jonathan and his wood shaving bandana Back to the pool - Not so cold today
Robert teaches Tatiana about Ninja Turtrles April 19th - Jonathan looses his 1st tooth. Virginia Beach - Jonathan runs from a wave Virginia Beach - Robert runs from a wave Nancy and toothless Robert and teh wave do battle - The wave wins
Tatiana & Robert brave a wave. Our 3rd sand castle Robert loves the water Every cloud has a silver lining Robert on the beach Jonathan playing "red light, green light"
Jamestown settlement - The boys pound a yucca leaf Aye, Aye Captain Nancy shows Jonathan the ship's compass The family poses aboard one of the smaller ships The leaping, snapping turtle Robert is wondering why he can't lift the barrel
Jamestown fort Robert and Jonathan don some armor Washing machine liquid in the dishwasher