6 Years + 9 Months - Photo Index

Jonathan - "tiger" cub scout Robert - "tiger" cub scout Jonathan's famous look Tigers become Wolves Little - League - Catching practice Robert - batting practice
Robert on base Robert in the field Jonathan at 3rd base Robert at bat A Home Run (or was it a bunt?) Grandma Beverly watches Jonathan read
Robert - batting practice Jonathan on base Robert - ready position Mighty Robert at the plate Woops. Didn't watch the ball Jonathan at bat
Jonathan - Big Swing The Giants (and coach Artie) Book Jacket Day Jonathan is Velcro man Jonathan is Velcro man Robert gets into the Velcro suit
Robert in the Velcro suit Robert "hangs" out Sno-cones at the carnival Robert contemplates sno-coniness Jonathan adjusts the parking pattern Playing in the sand while Mom helps out at the carnival