6 years + 11 months - Photo Index

The Tulip Trees come down The Tree guy gets ready The trunk gets cut into 100 lb sections Lots of saw dust The crane lowers a large chunk Lots of Logs
The Viewer's gallery July 4th - Its Greenacres races Ian is out in front Robert practices the egg carry Robert receives his ribbon The next event is the candy hunt
Nancy stays cool The Firemen get ready... The kids get set... Fire! Jonathan cross the finish The kids all get wet
Robert too Robert, right? A group event Robert goes back for more A wet event Wet brothers
True personalities Wet brothers Jonathan's 1st time off the high dive He does it Robert's 1st time off the high dive Robert's cannon ball off the high dive
Jonathan's cannon ball Wow! Jonathan does a flip Robert is definitely not doing a flip As sunset comes, the band warms up.... ...for the fireworks We watch with the Kornfelds
The Partizios invite us on their boat Nancy & Beth Boating on the Sound We tie up with other boats Robert and Dad Beth and Robert
The piņata takes form The finished piņata Crazy hat day at camp A day at Jones beach Robert on the beach Robert watches the wave
The power goes out A tree blocks the road The "other" tulip tree loses its top Our neighbor's tree was hit by lightning No wonder the power is out Actually, this was the problem
Definitely the problem