7 Years + 8 Months - Photo Index

Last Big Snow Jonathan in snow tunnel Robert in snow tunnel The snow Tunnel Dinner at Noda Sisters in Harlem
Marian in Central Park Aunt Marian, boys and scooters Jonathan skates in central park Robert skates in central park No cameras allowed! Scooter races in central park
Hiding in the daffodils Hiding in the daffodils Hiding in the daffodils Making Matzoh Balls for Passover Subway ride Ride to Ellis Island
Aunt Marian and Jonathan South Street Seaport Seaport at sunset Jonathan at Seaport Robert at Seaport Robert bungee jumps
Robert jumps. Robert goes for the flip Robert flips Robert likes it Whose feet are those? Jonathan bungee jumps
Jonathan does a flip Jonathan does a split Marian by the Tappan Zee bridge Marian and Jonathan in Sleepy Hollow Marian and Jonathan in Phillipsburg manor Jonathan by Croton Dam
Marian and Jonathan by Croton Dam Robert and Jonathan climb Marian joins in Sliding races Who wins? Get ready...Get Set...
Go! Marian by Katz's Deli Pastrami on Rye Jonathan and Robert Jonathan hanging around Robert hanging around
Jonathan on a vine Jonathan on a tree Easter Morning Egg Hunt Easter Eggs lines up Jonathan collects eggs Robert needs to be more observant
Cub scouts at the museum at night Birthday Party at Yankee Stadium The Bronx River The bridge survives That's supposed to be a road, not a river