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The Very First Year Nancy and Ian Koenig

Babies Announcing the new Koenig's! cake 20 July 1999

Robert Lothar born 12:35am and Jonathan Andrew born at 12:37am

Week 1 Week 1 30 July 1999
Both boys have gained weight. Lots more crying. Lots less sleeping. Caring for two babies is six full-time jobs! Football season is in full swing

Week 2 Week 2 6 August 1999
This was quite a big day for the boys. They were both circumcized. Given the situation they handled it very, very well. Both are fine and happy and continue to eat well. Today was also their first outing in the push chair. We all went on a long walk to Richmond Park to see the dear, eat and have a nappy change.

Week 3 Week 3 13 August 1999
The boys were weighed again. Robert has a bit of diarrhea, while Jonathan is a bit constipated. Once again the boys exhibit their individuality. Other than that, things are about the same.

Week 4 Week 4 20 August 1999
We get really brave and take the boys on a journey to Cambridge and East Anglia. We stayed in a guest house overnight. It was great fun and hard work, but worth every minute.

Month 2
Week 5 Week 5 27 August 1999
We take the boys to visit Danielle Olivia Wood who is 5 days old.

Week 6 Week 6 3 September 1999
The boys keep smiling as they grow into some of their new outfits. Robert gained a full pound since his last
Week 7 Week 7 10 September 1999
The boys attended their first service in the Unitarian Church. They had their naming ceremony.

Week 8 Week 8 17 September 1999
The boys take a car trip with their parents, cousin Erika and grandma Beverly for three days, and two nights to the Cotswolds.

Week 9 Week 9 24 September 1999
After this week the boys are two months old. They got their shots and got weighed. They had a great time with their grandma Beverly during her two week visit

Month 3
Week 10 Week 10 1 October 1999 (23 pictures)
We go to a rugby match in Twickingham

Week 11 Week 11 8 October 1999 (18 pictures)
Our landlady gives the boys a beautififul nameplate for their door.

Week 12 Week 12 15 October 1999 (10 pictures)
Jonathan's hair is really coming in. Robert continues to eat well and gain weight

Week 13 Week 13 22 October 1999 (11 pictures)
Uncle Kevin, Aunt Debra and cousin Kayla come to visit

Month 4
Week 14 Week 14 29 October 1999 (14 pictures)
The boys turn three months old. They have begun to notice each other

Week 15 Week 15 5 November 1999 (22 pictures)
The boys turn three months old. They have begun to notice each other

Week 16 Week 16 12 November 1999 (10 pictures)
Jonathan is just able to support his weight as long as we balance him. Robert can giggle

Week 17 Week 17 19 November 1999 (10 pictures)
Grandma Eileen and Grandpa Lothar come to visit.  Aunt Jeanne come the next week.

Week 18 Week 18 26 November 1999 (14 pictures)
Robert is now beginning to stand. Jonathan can stand supporting himself for a few minutes now. Robert's range of vocalization has increased

Month 5
Week 19 Week 19 3 December 1999 (15 pictures)
Jonathan is lifting his head up and is grabbing his toes. Robert is still cute

Week 20 Week 20 3 December 1999 (20 pictures)
It feels like Robert outweighs Jonathan, but we have not had them officially weighed to prove it yet

Week 21 Week 21 10 December 1999 (17 pictures)
Robert is now heavier than Jonathan. The boys pose for Christmas pictures this week. First bites of solid food.

Week 22 Week 22 17 December 1999 (17 pictures)
This was Erika's last week with us in England. Robert and Jonathan sat in high chairs at the airport

Month 6
Week 23 Week 23 27 December 1999 (18 pictures)
Flu season. Both boys spent the week with colds. Not fun! Cough and Sneeze get their names.

Week 24 Week 24 3 January 2000 (9 pictures)
The boys started opening their mouths in anticipation of the spoon when eating solid food.

Week 25 Week 25 10 January 2000 (11 pictures)
Jonathan is rolling over from back to stomach and then to back again. The boys have started using the walk'n play

Week 26 Week 26 17 January 2000 (13 pictures)
Robert and Jonathan start eating in high chairs

Week 27 Week 27 24 January 2000 (10 pictures)
Grandma Beverly comes to visit. The boys are six months old

Month 7
Week 28 Week 28 31 January 2000 (14 pictures)
Mom, Dad, Grandma Beverly, Robert and Jonathan spend another week with flu and eye infections. Penicillin, ibuprofen and eyedrops along with milk. Yum!

Week 29 Week 29 7 February 2000 (14 pictures)
Another week of Flu. Robert begins to sit and balance. The millennium

Week 30 Week 30 14 February 2000 (15 pictures)
Jonathan cut his first tooth, bottom front right

Week 31 Week 31 21 February 2000 (11 pictures)
Robert and Jonathan are making new sounds. They are vocalizing more and they have learned to bang their toys together

Month 8
Week 32 Week 32 28 February 2000 (15 pictures)
Flu recovery is obvious.

Week 33 Week 33 6 March 2000 (8 pictures)
Uncle Mike comes to visit and the boys get new baths

Week 34 Week 34 13 March 2000 (16 pictures)
Robert and Jonathan take their first airplane flights ( to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands). They were not perfect. Good, but not perfect.

Week 35 Week 35 20 March 2000 (13 pictures)
Robert eats bread for the first time. Jonathan is able to pull himself up from a sitting position.

Month 9
Week 36 Week 36 27 March 2000 (10 pictures)
The boys start 'talking' to each other (Actually one makes a sound and the other one giggles. Its like talking)

Week 37 Week 37 3 April 2000 (10 pictures)
Major milestones for both boys. Robert learned to clap his hands when you ask. Jonathan learned to walk forwards in the baby walker

Week 38 Week 38 10 April 2000 (17 pictures)
Jonathan started taking big steps when walking (when you hold his hands for balance)

Week 39 Week 39 17 April 2000 (11 pictures)
Jonathan is crawling all around. Robert leaned to play 'So Big!'. Robert has also perfected this really annoying whining sound

Month 10
Week 40 Week 40 24 April 2000 (17 pictures)
Jonathan learns to sit up in his crib from lying down. Robert started taking good steps forward in the baby walker

Week 41 Week 41 1 May 2000 (14 pictures)
Jonathan can now stand up and sit back down in his crib. Robert is walking much better and is so proud of himself

Week 42 Week 42 8 May 2000 (11 pictures)

When Jonathan sees the back door open, he crawls outside. Robert says "Ah-Ba" (thats daddy in Hebrew)

Week 43 Week 43 15 May 2000 (11 pictures)
Robert starts waving hello. Jonathan can lift himself up on the furniture

Month 11
Week 44 Week 44 22 May 2000 (11 pictures)
Jonathan starts using the spoon (with his left hand initially). Robert is a righty for sure

Week 45 Week 45 29 May 2000 (10 pictures)
Jonathan takes about 20 steps (well actually a combination of runs, leans and falls). Robert uses the toy walker

Week 46 Week 46 5 June 2000 (11 pictures)
Jonathan is really getting this walking thing down. We try to let him use the back garden as the grass is easier on his forehead

Week 47 Week 47 12 June 2000 (7 pictures)
Jonathan and Robert walk the street (using the push cart). Jonathan is almost walking; Robert is almost crawling

Week 48 Week 48 19 June 2000 (8 pictures)
Jonathan is really walking; Robert is really crawling

Month 12
Week 49 Week 49 26 June 2000 (7 pictures)
Everybody gets sick. Lots of crying

Week 50 Week 50 3 July 2000 (8 pictures)
Jonathan's forehead has a bruise/bump for each day he has been walking. Robert learns to kiss

Week 51 Week 51 10 July 2000 (11 pictures)
The family spends a few days in Israel. The boys' favorite part was the long carpeted hallway in the hotel

Week 52 Week 52 17 July 2000 (11 pictures)
Robert starts walking; Jonathan is more stable on his feet

Week 53 Week 53 24 July 2000 (12 pictures)
Robert and Jonathan are one year old on 20 July 2000 cake

Month 13
Week 54 Week 54 31 July 2000 (6 pictures)
They are much more mobile. We have to watch the open door

Week 55 Week 55 7 August 2000 (9 pictures)
We spend a week in NY staying with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Debra and cousin Kayla. We also see great grandma Josephine and the rest of the family

Week 56 Week 56 14 August 2000 (3 pictures)

Week 57 Week 57 21 August 2000 (6 pictures)