Ravensburger 32,000 piece Keith Haring Puzzle – 1/2 done

March 18, 2002 – After completing sections E, A, and B, I moved onto section F.  After completing section F, I am half done with the puzzle.  Here is a link to my first post.  I did the sections in this order so that after completing four sections I had fully completed the left half of the puzzle and I could attach the parts to see my progress

Ravensburger 32,000 Piece Puzzle

Seeing the parts come together felt like a moral victory.  After just under three months, working primarily alone (my son put in about 10 pieces), I had something to show for my efforts.  In addition, with each section I completed, I felt it was getting easier, as I started to understand the puzze better.  I started section F on 4 March 2012 and completed it on 18 March.  So two weeks to complete this section.  The first two sections took 3 weeks each and the last section took 10 days.

Ravensburger 32,000 piece puzzle - Section F sorted into colors

After Sorting the pieces into colors, I started with Red, then Green.


Ravensburger 32,000 piece puzzle - Section F orange and Green

Then I moved onto Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and finally white.


Ravensburger 32,000 piece puzzle - Section F


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